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It is a cooperative operating in Mburamazi cell, Murunda Sector, Rutsiro District, Western Province, with 93 members (61+ male 32). He was born in 2007 and obtained his legal status in 2011. The COABIMU cooperative manufactures a variety of household items and various ornaments using air, grease and more.

Some of our activities include: Photo Chairs, Photo Frames, Pubs, Bags, Sous Plat, Plateau, Soups i and many more. Cooperative COABIMU has established a name in Rutsiro District, and has developed its members. o Many people in general, especially those who collect materials such as air, are used to weave the artwork they make. come to the forefront as Mr. BIMENYIMANA Antoine who paid for primary, secondary, and tertiary education for students profits from the cooperative. There is NDERERIMANA Mary who bought a farm, a cow, and renovated the house in which she lives. tive and has already reached an interesting common property where they have already bought 3 houses 2 tree farms (2 forests), 2 cultivated fields, each m a member who is raised by a small animal is provided by the Cooperative, and every year each member is paid for health insurance. All of this ba achieved through the cooperation of the members and leaders of the COABIMU Cooperative This COABIMU Cooperative has received many different trainings presented by our partners, RWAFAT, and has been awarded various exhibitions, such as the International Exhibition in Kigali from 22/08/2017-06/09/2017, where they ended up getting the money to help them buy this house