• Trade & Fair

    We promoted trade and fair trade principles in Rwanda among producer cooperatives and other stakeholders.

  • Fight against VIH/AIDS

    We support to fair Trade Produced in Rwanda in the form of capacity building and fight against VIH/AIDS.

  • Increase the Market

    We co-operate in marketing fair trade products in local, regional and international markets with the aim of increasing the market share of Rwandan fair trade products.

  • Raising the Economic

    We encourage the practice of fair trading by organization towards the common goal of raising economic self reliance as a strategy of wealth creation and poverty alleviation.

  • Establishment of Common Codes

    We establish, among cooperative, common codes of practice to protect not only Rwandan fair traded product but also in orders.

  • Provide Trading Information

    We compile and make available information on potential trading partners, export procedures to various countries, market trends and other relevant information.


Given that our producers use the natural resources to prepare their products, it is important to play a crucial role in environment conservation. RWAFAT has trained producers on climate change and desertification in Rwanda, in one day each quarter, we shared ideas on how we can as cooperatives eradicate the desertification phenomenon in our home area by enhancement of environment conservation.